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    I created two custom template pages for my site. In my test wordpress they show up fine when I click write page or manage page I can choose the template.

    I copied them into the theme directory for my live site (the active theme) , but they do not list in the page templates dropdown when I try to write or manage a page.

    They are both the same version of wordpress. I don’t understand why it can’t see them. The files have the same permissions in the directories too.

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  • I am having a similar issue. I created custom templates but they didn’t work for me either. What theme are you using. I am using the Cutline 3 column theme.

    I can access them and edit them in the “theme editor” section of the admin panel, but when I try to visit the section online, it isn’t there.

    Stranger still, some of the default templates, like the “Sitemap” don’t work either, but the “Archives” page does work.

    I would love to help you on this, but I haven’t received any help myself.

    also, i added the the correct code at the top of the page:

    Template Name: page title here

    That isn’t working for me.

    Ok, I resolved this for me, but I think it is a pretty big bug in wordpress unless I am missing something.

    I am working with a custom theme that I wrote.

    There were two things that caused this problem, or maybe one thing depending on how you look at it.

    I wanted my CSS Files for my theme to be in a css directory. So I moved the style.css file into the css directory. Then I changed the stylesheet entry in the database to reflect the themename/css and everything seemed to be ok. However, the next time I went to presentation it said I was using the default theme instead of my custom theme. So if I put my template files in the default theme folder they showed up, and it was still picking up the css I specified for my custom theme.

    So finally I decided that I guess I can’t have a css directory for my css files and moved style.css back into my themes root folder and selected my theme in presentation, and everything works ok now.

    I don’t understand why removing style.css from the theme root would make wordpress switch back to “Default” theme, especially since I told it in the database where the stylesheet was.

    In any case hope this helps you level2d

    This is a set-back of the WordPress theming system. It looks for style.css in your theme folder and will not accept any from sub-folders. If it doesn’t find it, it won’t find your theme name and version. For example:

    My Custom Theme
    Version: 1.0

    This is the same for custom page templates, which can end up cluttering your theme’s directory. I’m a fan of the structured file system, but everything in root (especially all the root files in a WordPress installation) seems to bother my OCD. I once worked on a CMS that had 2 files, a .htaccess file and a index.php file, the rest were all in the cms’s main folder. So you would go to the server and see three items listed. That’s clean!!

    Wow, glad i found this I would’ve been looking for days.

    Couldn’t figure out why the templates I created were not showing up. Turns out I deleted the content at the top of the style sheet that was commented out (Theme name, version, etc) and sure enough that’s what did it.

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