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  • Resolved Steven


    I’m using in Theron Lite theme the template “page with no sidebar” for all my pages, but the pages show too wide (wider then header and footer at right side). Anyone has a solution? Thanks.

    Also the loading image in middle of screen keeps showing untill you click on it, then it only disappears…

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  • Theme Author Towfiq I.


    Open up style.css and replace this:

    .theron_fullwdth_body .single_post{ width:940px !important;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body #content .single_wrap{ width:1000px;}

    .theron_fullwdth_body .commentlist{width:100%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body #commentform, .thn_fullwdth_body #newslider{ width:970px;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .comment-form-comment textarea{width: 570px;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .comment-form-comment{width: 600px;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .field_wrap{width: 340px;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .comment-form-author input, .thn_fullwdth_body .comment-form-email input, .thn_fullwdth_body .comment-form-url input{width: 263px;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .org_comment{ width:97%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .single_post .post img, .thn_fullwdth_body .type-page img, .thn_fullwdth_body .type-attachment img{ max-width:940px; height:auto;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .post_foot{width:1000px;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .share_this{width:960px;}

    with this:

    .theron_fullwdth_body .single_post{ width:90% !important;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body #content .single_wrap{ width:100%;}

    .theron_fullwdth_body .commentlist{width:100%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body #commentform, .thn_fullwdth_body #newslider{ width:96%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .comment-form-comment textarea{width: 90%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .comment-form-comment{width: 50%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .field_wrap{width: 50%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .comment-form-author input, .thn_fullwdth_body .comment-form-email input, .thn_fullwdth_body .comment-form-url input{width: 50%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .org_comment{ width:97%;}
    .theron_fullwdth_body .single_post .post img, .thn_fullwdth_body .type-page img, .thn_fullwdth_body .type-attachment img{ max-width:100%; height:auto;}

    you’re the man Towfiq! extremely fast reply with solution of the problem! Thanks m8!


    Towfiq, Do you have a fix for this in Zenon Pro? I’m having the same trouble

    Theme Author Towfiq I.


    @floydstime send me the details through this page:

    Premium theme support is not given through this forum.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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