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  • Hi,

    We’re using RSVPmaker templates to create re-occuring weekly events. We typically create a whole seasons in one go, thus triggering around 35-40 events from a single template.

    For various reasons, we need to make use of the “deadline” feature in the options section, but I’m unable to actually make it work with the templates – i.e. having the deadline date set to -2 days from the start date/time of each event the template is creating.

    What I’ve tried:
    – If I set it to a specific date (say 2 days at midnight before my first event from the template), that same date is applied to all events created, making all events non RSVP-able after that first deadline is passed.

    – If I try and put for example -2 in the “day”, all event option deadlines are left empty, making it possible to RSVP to the events until it happens.

    For now, we have to manually go in and update the deadline dates in event options on each event after the template created them. Although a lot of manual work, the real challenge is that if the template content is updated and applied to the events again, all the deadline dates manually entered are overwritten and now need to be re-done.

    My expectation (which might be wrong) would be that when creating a template, I can specify a negative number in the deadline fields in the template options, which are then applied to the actual date of the event the template is creating, thus setting the deadline relative to the event being created. This way, even if the template content is updated, all the events timing & deadlines remains the same.

    Or is there already a different way of doing this, that I’ve just missed/overlooked?

    Best regards,


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  • Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Thanks for the nudge – that’s an obvious gap.

    In the release I just published, you can specify deadline in your template as x days before and the specific date / time will be calculated when you add event posts based on the template.

    Also works for setting the time when registration opens, if you do that.

    In addition, I added the option to add new dates as drafts rather than publishing them immediately (something I found was needed with one of my current projects where the templates only include a skeleton of the information needed for a published event).

    Superb – thanks for that rapid response, much appreciated (and a real timesaver :)).


    Hi David,

    I now tested the implementation you did here, and I suspect there’s a slight mishap taking place in regards to checking for the values set.

    If you set the drop-down’s to 0 and 0 in both places (deadline & registration), it leaves them blank in the event options created by the template – as expected.

    If you set the drop-down for deadline to something (in my case 1 day and 18 hours) but don’t touch the registration opens (i.e. leave them as 0 and 0) in order to have the event open directly, the events actually have the following set:

    – Deadline set correctly to 1 day and 18 hours before event start.
    – Registration however is set to the event start date & time (meaning you can’t register at all).

    I suspect this might not be the intention, but rather that 0 + 0 should be equivalent to “not set”.

    Best regards,


    Just realised, in order to give you proper feedback I also tested the other combo – leave deadline at 0 + 0 and set a registration start to something (I tested with 14 days 0 hours).

    Then the event options are still left blank fully (i.e. as if nothing was set).


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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