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  1. pilot911
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Love WordPress!!!

    Request for a new type of template post.

    I have a number of clients who use WP all the type some posting 10-15 times a day. I have set them up with a about 25 or so DRAFT post messages which they then duplicate using the Duplicate Post plugin.

    This enables the basic structure of each style of post to already be set by default and means that they don't need to set this up each time.

    However, they often edit the draft rather than click copy to new post, meaning that they are actually amending the default templates.

    Is there a way to protect these draft templates so that they can only be changed by say an admin user.

    Or perhaps a new post type 'post template' which can only be changed by say an admin. If they inadvertently try to amend and save this 'post template' they would be prevented from doing so but given the option to create a new draft instead.

    So the 'post template' post would not be capable of being amended by any other user than the admin owner.

    This would make life so much easier for heavy users of WP.

  2. michael.mariart
    Posted 4 years ago #

    You can already set up custom content types yourself and use those to store different data to a stadnard page/post as well as setting up a customised template for that content type so that it's always displayed the same.

    There's also some plugins that allow you to create these although I haven't used them before - I've just made my own to do what I need them to.

  3. pilot911
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks Michael, I am going to look into this.

    However i am mainly looking at in post formatting. Not sure if custom content can achieve that but thanks i will study this option.

  4. michael.mariart
    Posted 4 years ago #

    It depends on exactly what you need formatted and how. You can always add yoru own CSS styles to the custom contents pages, as well as adding/removing areas on the template as you need, so you can make that look how ever it needs to.

    If you are looking to keep the styles that are used inside the actual content the same, then that's a lot harder. If it was me, I'd break up the content areas and handle them seperatly so that I know what goes where and I know that I have control over everything that I need to.

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