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  • Lisa


    I am trying to learn proper template parsing and need some guidance. Right now I have 3 templates used. Default index uses 2 col layout with sidebar.php. Classcategories also uses 2 col with sidebar-class.php with customized jquery menu for ‘courses’ . These go to posts categorized as ‘classes’ or child categories of ‘classes’


    Problem: Right now single pages use 2 col so everything works. But i want to make the single posts use only 1 col fullwidth with a conditional to use the 2 col template with sidebar-classes when posts using category or subcats of ‘classes’ are ‘clicked’ or displayed.

    Problem is visible when clicking on a news post from this page:
    see: links from this page

    I need a conditional and not sure where to put it or how to implement it.

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