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  • Hi, ive made a static page for my home page and have incuded a home.php file a css file and an images folder in the twentyten default theme.

    For some reason when i add my home.php page as my home page template the images are broken. I have tried adding a full link to the images e.g. http://localhost:8080/wp-content/themes/images/image_name.gif and not sure why it doesnt work. Just so you know i am running wordpress locally via xampp.

    <div id="slider2">
    				<li><img src="Images/mediation_man_banner.gif"/></li>
    				<li><img src="Images/road_2_mediation.gif"></li>
    				<li><img src="Images/business_challenges.gif"></li>
    				<li><img src="Images/industry_changing.gif"></li>

    Also i would like to eventually add jquery for the slider above, if anyone knows how i can do that that owuld be very helpful, thanks a bunch

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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