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    ive been trying to figure out how to adjust the hight of my template on my theme but i cant locate where it would be at, can someone please help me. i know its in the style.css file and such i found out how to widen the template area but not the hieght , so can someone please help me id appreciate it. thank you

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  • Normally, there is no “height” defined because the main page (as well as all the other pages) is dynamic – it’s height (or length) will depend on the number of posts displayed, on the length of your posts etc.

    ahhhhhhh ok i was just trying to see how to fit my main header in the template as its bigger then the template was made for . it is a blank template i purchased and am making it to fit my needs. if anyone has any imput please let me know, the header image is 748×501 when i inserted the header the center area where the post goes moved way down the page and left a huge gap above it , so was trying to see how to do this without messing it up. thank you

    it would be helpful if we could see it. you first made it sound like you wanted to know how to set a height for the whole site, which is not a good idea, as moshu said. but now it sounds like something different. though, i just cant quite picture what it is.

    so i need to post my code here? cause my blog is private right now im not ready to share it out as of yet. but ill be happy to show the coding?

    i dont know how much seeing just the code will help. without seeing it, i donno how much help we can be.

    ok well ill be glad to submit the link to u privately , but not on here. just let me know i really would appreciate it. thank you

    im happy to look at it for you. just click on my name here and theres a contact form at the bottom of the page.

    ok i tried to send u a email from the request form thing let me know if u got it

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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