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  1. pranav429
    Posted 4 years ago #

    guys, if anyone has any idea where and how to get templates like dearblankpleaseblank.com mlia.com and their, like.
    I work for an NGO in india, it would be of great help for one of our upcoming projects.
    the main features of the template should be

    1. How to to add buttons like "thats cool" , "haha hilarious" "you are stupid" these buttons could have a couter which said " 200 thumbs up" or "17 Hilarious"

    2. If I want to enable such way that anybody could post a sentence of 140 characters, and the admins or the people's vote could choose which ones get posted on the website.

    3. There would be no need for registration of any kind, just an email id before sending the submission so that if their submission is posted they could be notified.

    4. A suffix word be automatically added to each of the submission.

    Please kinly look into it.

    [email removed] take care thanks in advance.

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