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  • Hi Tunix,

    The ‘template’ that [eo_events] uses is actually a place holder rather than a template file. (There are plans to allow a template file to be used though). Documentation on this shortcode and the ‘template’ can be found here.

    Regarding the template file feature that is ‘planned’. See this thread and the 1.6 beta version (fairly stable, but not use at your own risk!).

    Please note this ‘planned feature’, although in 1.6-beta, will not be ‘officially’ available. What that means is that while you can use it – there is no guarantee that the implementation won’t change (probably quite likely) or that it will stay (it probably will stay). I’ll be posting updates on the linked thread.

    Hi Stephen,
    thanks for your answer. I guess I got it.

    But there’s one thing I can’t get to run. I want to include the excerpt of an event in the event list. It seems there is no option for that, is it?

    I tried %event_excerpt% (just a guess :-)) and %event_custom_field{excerpt}% but none of these worked as expected.

    Any hints? Thanks again for the plugin and your help!!

    Hi again,
    I got another problem. This is my shortcode I wrote on a single page:

    [eo_events event_category="kurzgeschichten" event_start_after="Monday this week" event_end_before="Monday next week"] %event_title% [/eo_events]

    Everything works fine. It displays all Events in the current week. Now I add the link to each event:

    [eo_events event_category="kurzgeschichten" event_start_after="Monday this week" event_end_before="Monday next week"] <a href="%event_url%">%event_title%</a> %event_thumbnail% [/eo_events]

    I got this code from your website. But it doen’t generate an actual link but displays the html-tag “< a href …>” on my site. It ignores all HTML-tags within the shortcode and just displays the tags itself. Why?

    %event_excerpt% should work – see the source for the full list. More are being added in 1.6 too.

    Regarding the HTML tags – if you are using HTML inside the shortcode, you need to do this on the HTML tab, as editing stuff on TinyMCE tab encodes the HTML. Not ideal, which is why I’m testing alternatives :).

    Thanks man. You solved both problems 🙂

    Hello Stephen Harris,

    I am currently using your plugin to manage events for a website I am working on. Although there is a part of the website where I would like to include your event list and calendar in the actual php template. Right now if I use the short-code it only shows up as the short-code and not the actual content.

    Is there a way around this or am I doing something wrong.



    Hi Max,

    You can use shortcodes in php templates with do_shortcode(), but a much more flexible method is to use the available template functions. Specifically see eo_get_events() (see docs).

    The calendar currently requires using the shortcode, but I plan on providing a function for that too.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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