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    Hello, I operate the site I put a lot of effort, time and enjoyment into the website. However occasionally I will encounter a unexpected error. I troubleshoot it myself and Google it. I just expanded my sql Database to overcome my main issue regarding not being able to publish new posts. However one issue remains I would be delighted to have help with.

    The footer on my website is currently un-centered. It is off to the left.

    Any assistance on how I may correct this is appreciated. Thank you.

    Furor Seo
    Alan Craker

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  • You’ve got quite a few mark-up errors on the page — some of which are not a big problem, while others are likely causing layout issues like the footer. Look in particular at the errors re: open, missing, unclosed or out of place tags.

    See this page for more info if you need it:

    Does this tool help identify what needs to be changes? I also see that the footer has undesired white space below it. Thank you for your help everyone.

    The validator tells you exactly where (in the rendered HTML code) and what the errors are. But you’ll have to track down where the error is in your site — can be in the content or in the php files or sometimes added by a plug-in.

    Read the link I posted.

    Thanks a lot. This tool will be very helpful. I hope I can locate it.

    Right, this does not help me at all. Obviously I assumed it was a html tag. It may not be the case. When I remove the widget (AS I EXPLAINED PREVIOUSLY) the footer corrects itself. What I am looking for is someone who has faced the same issue and how they resolved it.

    The website you provided that shows html instances shows average professional websites to have hundreds of errors. For instance it shows to have over 500+ errors. On top of that it does not state which page the error is on (that Im aware of). Since I have hundreds of pages.. and already knew it could be a script error Im looking for someone who know exactly where the error may lie as they’ve experienced the same error (Im sure hundreds of people have experienced this). However I do greatly appreciate you help and resources. They are great. Just not helping me out with fixing this issue.

    Hi furor,

    In order to center your footer, you will need to add a couple of properties to your style.css file.

    At around line 129, look for this block:

    #main-area-bottom {
      background: url("images/content-bottom.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
      height: 9px;

    You can usually center a div with the margin property set to 0 auto, but you also need to explicitly set the width for it to work. I see that your site’s width is 962px, so if we add width: 962px; and margin: 0 auto;, the #main-area-bottom declaration should now look something like this:

    #main-area-bottom {
      background: url("images/content-bottom.png") no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent;
      height: 9px;
      width: 962px;
      margin: 0 auto;

    And your footer will look like this:

    I see you got it working. Don’t forget to mark your post as resolved.

    Thank you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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