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  1. oniee
    Posted 10 years ago #

    i have copied the falling dreams theme into the theme folder. I have change the default images to mine.

    I've also set the theme in dashboard.when i view the page all is i see is the kubrick theme and at thetop of the page i can see a partial of my top image ( from the falling dreams theme )

    i haven't change anything so far ( coded wise ). Anybody have a clue where i did wrong?

    been strugling with this for a while...tried to go thru the support posting but none of the solution seem to fit my symptoms...

    thanks in advance


  2. swordfish
    Posted 10 years ago #

    will you allow me to take a look at the FTP please?
    I am not really sure i can even guess what might be wrong without seeing the files.

  3. asparagus
    Posted 10 years ago #

    It appears you are still calling to the default kubrick style sheet

    body { background: url("http://www.twobrothersandasister.com/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickbgcolor.jpg"); } #page { background: url("http://www.twobrothersandasister.com/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickbgwide.jpg") repeat-y top; border: none; } #header { background: url("http://www.twobrothersandasister.com/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickheader.jpg") no-repeat bottom center; }
    #footer { background: url("http://www.twobrothersandasister.com/wp-content/themes/default/images/kubrickfooter.jpg") no-repeat bottom; border: none;}

    But I may be wrong.

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