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  • I’m new to using wordpress on my site Made a new post and didn’t do anything (I think) out of the norm, and now the default template doesn’t show the inside box, the background is all gray, and the sidebar is way down at the bottom of the page with no delineation lines.

    When I noticed this happened, I went into Frontpage to look at the sidebar page, didn’t touch a thing, closed it out, and now I’m totally lost.

    Any suggestions besides hiring a coder? (Know any good ones? 🙂

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  • yeah.. you posted something too wide. it is exceding the post div, and the sidebar doesnt have enough room, so cannot begin until your posts end.

    I assume its the google ads, try removing them!

    Thanks jackosh! You put a smile on my face! Great feedback and so quick! Whatever I did, it’s been remedied without me figuring it out. The next time I refreshed, it was all there again. Magic!

    great! it definitely was messed up for me, too! weird!!

    I wonder if it might have been a server issue? I noticed that when the page loads, it loads the header and background first and then the contents.

    Or maybe I did have a string that was too long and didn’t recognize it and then when I made some changes to the post, it straightened itself out.

    I’m still smiling.

    Darn. Any other ideas that might be causing the page to send the sidebar down to the bottom of the page and how to fix it?

    I wrote a new post and the same thing happened again and I’m not doing anything but normal posting.

    A friend asked if maybe it was because the sizing hasn’t been locked. He could use the control button and scroll the font size larger or smaller. That corrected it for him on AOL browser. When I did it on Flock, the sidebar was still at the bottom.

    Fixing these 72 validation errors might help a little bit. 😉

    /Sidenote: using Frontpage with WP is a big no no, same goes for using a Word Processor. You shouldn’t post articles right from something like MS Word, into the Blog’s text editor.. Spell checking is fine, but copy/paste that article into NotePad2 or something first.. before the Write Post window..

    i was also copying from word directly onto my post. which is probably why my right hand column is down at the bottom of my posts…what can i now do to fix it? thanks barry

    MerryMary, if your theme is stuffed up, I would recommend re-loading the original theme from the WordPress ZIP file and using Sidebar Widgets or Sidebar Modules (plugins) to customise your sidebar. It is much less painful and much easier in the long run.

    For the Google ads, there are several plugins to choose from which do the job. Just search a WordPress plugin repository.

    I do not think the theme should be touched by human hands if you are not familiar with valid XHTML 1.0 and CSS, as that is what the theme is written in.

    Thanks SpencerP and Jeremy…I will take your advice, make changes and report back.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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