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    I have a live site and I want to redesign the template without messing things about for the visitors to the site.

    Can anyone help with how to achieve this I’ve thought about setting up a copy of the site on another server but the database is really huge and PHP admin doesn’t allow big uploads. What I could really do with is the ability to connect another wordpress install to the data and images on my existing site without having to set up a mirror site.

    Any ideas – it must be a common problem for people but I can’t find any advice on Google

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  • Jeremy Clark



    If all your doing is a template redesign why do you need an exact copy of the site, dummy text won’t work. Then just copy the current theme over to the test blog and edit away and when your do just upload it back to the live server.

    thanks for that – I need a copy because there’s quite a few plugins on the site and about 700 or show different sized pictures.

    Jeremy Clark



    What about just setting up a local test blog. Have a look at this:
    Then you can download the database and import it to your own mysql without any limits.

    Gonna give that a go.

    But it still would be really useful if you could do it easier than that – dunno like a back office sandbox mode or something.

    Thank you for your help though

    It really doesn’t work at all – all the paths default back to the original site so you can’t even easily login, plus you have to disable the plugins to get it to work because of the paths again I figure.

    Thanks for your help anyway

    Thanks for your help on this – I’ve found a perfect solution obvious really but didn’t know such a thing existed. I’ve started using Theme Test Drive.

    Looks superb and does exactly what I need.

    Thanks again

    Update on this – Theme Test Drive is superb does exactly what it says on the tin.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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