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    Hi Kontrolwp,
    very nice plugin, this can be very useful but I miss an important feature: a visual template composer to display taxonomies and custom fields in front end.
    May be shortcodes, may be drag and drop in editor but, please, add a simple way to create templates without editing code.

    Beside, I would like to understand how pro license works exactly, could you, kindly, explain it more deeply?

    Now a little feedback: when use “image” as custom field and click on button, it opens a browser to upload the file, IMO should be better if it opens the standard WP modal windows, in order to choice image that may be is already uploaded, don’t you think?


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  • Plugin Author Kontrolwp


    Hi Mac,

    Thanks for your feedback mate, I really appreciate you taking the time and it’s always great to hear what other developers would like to see in our plugin.

    In regards to the suggested feature of a visual template composer, can you elaborate a little more on how you would like something like this to be implemented? Basically you’d like to see a visual editor that can allow you to add taxonomies/custom fields etc. to a template without editing the code directly?

    As for the pro license, that will unlock all the limitations on the free version and will also guarantee that any future modules that come with the plugin will also be unlocked and fully functional. Here’s a quick run down of the version differences:

    With the “image” custom field, I originally opted out of using the WordPress modal because it allowed me to incorporate a lot more advanced features if I didn’t. Features such as automatic resizing, image effects (sharpen, blur etc), the upload progress bar, file size limitations etc. all wouldn’t have been possible with the WP Modal. Like you mentioned though, the drawback of this is not being able to select an image you’ve already uploaded. I’ll certainly look at this in the next update and see what I can come up with that will give us the best of both worlds. Might even give the user the option when creating that custom field if they want to use the WP modal for selecting or our advanced uploaded. Look for this change in one of the future updates, hopefully not to far away.

    Thanks again for your feedback,

    Hi Dave,
    “Basically you’d like to see a visual editor that can allow you to add taxonomies/custom fields etc. to a template without editing the code directly?”
    Exactly 🙂
    Could be a visual editor, could be a shortcode generator where to select taxonomy,fields or group of fields and place in a layout.
    One way could be a section in your plugin, where to create a page template:
    1) select a custom post type
    2) copy theme single.php or archive.php and rename as single-custompost.php
    3) add, via SC or D&D elements to this layout (allowing insertion of HTML to customize)
    4) allow template choice to page or post

    This could drastically improve usability of plugin and boost up use/sells.

    One consideration: all similar plugins do the work but when is the moment to display results in front end (that is the purpose of the work) obliges to learn how to code, because seems that for devs this is a simple job.
    But if a user knows how to code a template, probably doesn’t need a plugin to create custom code/tax/fields, he’s able to code by himself, don’t you think so? 🙂

    Actually, there are other (only few) specific plugins that retrieve custom elements and build a layout’template, both for free and for fee but are in any case separate and not always works well, to have a comprehensive plugin that does all work should be indeed better.

    Hi Dave,
    any update regarding this function?


    Plugin Author Kontrolwp


    Hey Mac,

    Sorry for the late reply mate, been busy working on the next version! I do like the idea of a visual template editor, but feel that it might be out of the scope of this plugin which is primarily aimed at devs who are comfortable with (and prefer) editing code, rather than using a visual composer which would need to be very advanced in order to accomplish the same thing a dev could by editing code directly (also while making it user friendly).

    I do like the idea of a short tag creator though that could enable you to drop in taxonomies and custom field data without using a function such as ‘get_cf()’ in the code that is currently the only way to get data from custom fields on the frontend. I might try and work something like this in a future version, could be useful!

    Appreciate the feedback mate!

    Ok Dave,
    I understand your point.
    Thanks anyway


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