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  • I think that WP should have a template block system similar to the one that pMachine currently has. The benefits that having template blocks are as followed..

    1. It would enable content to automatically change each time someone visits.
    2. It could be used to store static information.
    3. It could be used to create dramatic pages.
    4. It would allow users to quickly and easily update sections of there site wherever there’s access to Internet without having to edit the html file directly or worry about uploading anything.
    5. It would also allow users to group related snippets of code (such as headers, footers, images, forms, whole pages, banners, etc) in one block that could be displayed statically or randomly.
    6. The blocks of code could be easily displayed on multiple pages or multiple times.

    The way that users can easily create dramatic pages is by, for instance lets say that the template-block-display function tag looked something like this….
    <?php tmpl_block($block_id, $block_category); ?>
    We could create a single page called ‘dramatic.php’ that looks like this….

    <?php tmpl_block('skin', 'header'); ?>
    <?php tmpl_block($block_id, $block_name); ?>
    <?php tmpl_block('skin', 'footer'); ?>

    And we could then dramatically show the data that’s in the temple block by format query link like this…
    The different things that could be accomplished and implemented by having template blocks are endless. Its a feature that I know that everyone no matter what their skill level would put to great uses and It’s something that would further distance WP from it’s competitors.

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  • Sorry, the forum changed my link tag into a url.
    < href="dramatic.php?block_id=nav&block_name=about">About</>

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