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Template 1.2 to 1.5

  • I am currently running WP 1.2 but I want to use the new features on 1.5 so Im currently trying to place the code into the theme.

    This is the site with 1.2 currently running: http://www.invalidpixel.com

    Now with 1.5 it looks like this http://beta.invalidpixel.com

    If I delete the code to display WP, the news doesnt display but the layout looks perfect but when it is on it looks like that.

    My experience with CSS is pathetic, and I have a feeling its from that, I edited my layout from the classic theme.

    Any ideas how to solve my problem?

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  • Tried that just there, so what I have done is made a basic template for WP, WP now runs onto a file called feed.php instead of index.php

    I am using query strings for the navigation of the site, so as default it loads feed.php onto the news box of the site.

    But it still displays wrong as seen at http://beta.invalidpixel.com but it has something to do with the query strings.

    This is the code Im using:

    switch ($HTTP_GET_VARS[page]) {
    //Default – case
    include “feed.php”;

    //Habbo – Case
    case ‘habbo’:
    include ‘habbo/habbo.php’;


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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