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  • i need to show a temporary landing page but still allow users to visit the rest of the site.

    i altered the htaccess file so that the first page people see is the temp file i created and named index.html file.

    BUT when i go the index.php file and click on any of the menu items, i am sent back to the index.html file.

    is it possible to use the temp page and still access the rest of the site?

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  • You could use a plugin like this one.

    When you sign in as Admin you can access the website like normal, but everyone else will only see the under construction page.

    sorry, i wasn’t clear – i need everyone else to be able to see the site too:)

    OK create a new ‘page’ in your admin screen, then in the settings > reading, change the front page to a static page and select the page that you just created.

    i see what you’re saying.

    my problem is i need to use the temp landing page that i already created which is very basic, no menu. just a few graphics.

    the site is for a surfing event and every year we crash because we exceed our BW. so this year, my thought was to created a temp landing page with a few images that direct people to other sites that are covering the event, and then give the option to view the actual event site.

    hope i am making sense.

    Hi. I did this for a website a moment ago.

    Let’s say your landing page is landing.php and is placed at the root of your website.

    Restore your default htacces (redirects to index, htacces don’t have to know your landing page)

    Put this code at the top of landing.php:

    $_SESSION['splashscreen'] = true;

    Then in index.php of your current theme (before any html ouput):

    //	check if user have already see landing.php
    if (!$_SESSION['splashscreen'])
    	header("location: landing.php");

    Now every time user will request a page from your wordpress blog, the server will check if a session variable called ‘splashscreen’ exists. If it doesn’t exists, (the first time) it will redirect the browser to landing.php and stop executing the script on index.php.
    Then when passing through landing.php, the session ‘splashscreen’ will exist and equal true, so the redirection won’t happen and the landing page won’t show again until the user clears his browser’s session (force it by hand or quit the browser) and if you redirect from your landing page to another page of your blog, the code placed in index.php will execute as usual .

    Sorry if instructions are messy and don’t make sense, don’t have enough time to explain now, but if it does not work, tell me and I’ll explain more.

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    what if i want the temp page to always be first, even if they visited the page before?

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    tracievh – Then just do a static front page.

    i don’t think that will work for me because i don’t want the current/regular static page/home page to go away. I just need for visitors to see a totally different main page before they enter the real wordpress site.

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    No matter what page they come in from? That would get really old, really fast….

    Sorry not sure i understand what you want. Do you have an example?

    You mean you wanna show the temp page between EVERY page click ?? Seriously? it would be very awkward, users will quickly get bored…

    Did you try the first solution I gave you? I really think it would suit your needs.


    i just need this page to be the first page people see when they go to the site.

    you’ll see the last image says more. when they click on this image it will show the website.

    (Note, i have this temp page set-up just for show on my server, not the event sites server )

    nevermind – try this

    go here –

    then click on MORE

    then click on any of the menu items and you’ll see what happens. it takes them back to the temp page when i want them to be able to move around the site as normal.

    i guess i’ve totally confused everyone or i’ve stumped everyone? 🙂

    okay. i’ve got to return the site to normal because i’ve already receive complaints that the site isn’t working. so the link above will no longer show what i described.

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