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    HELP! My favorite backup program, the one that I have been using on dozens of the WordPress installations, has gone wacky.

    Before all the current problems with WP 3.2 and BackWPup 2.0.x, I determined that using an external (to the WordPress install) temp folder for BackWPup was necessary because soon or later a scheduled backup would have problems for some reason (server slowdown, DDOS attack or whaterver) and strand the temp files in the Uploads folder. The next time the backup ran, it would try to backup the WP install which now included a bunch of temp files. Eventually, the new backup would choke on the extra files and the zipped backup could grow to double then quadruple the original size. I don’t know a way to prevent the occasional backup problem but the best way to keep a one time problem from escalating out of control was to change the Temp Folder to a location outside the WP install so if a problem occurred during one backup, it wouldn’t affect all subsequent backups.

    This worked greated until around July 1 when I upgraded BackWPup and it changed the Temp Folder location from my external location back to the default internal location. Are you following me? I had to go back to everyone of the dozens of WP installs that I manage and change it from the internal Temp Folder location back to the external one.

    But the problem gets worse. WordPress went to 3.2 and BackWPup went to 2.0.x, and there is now no Temp Folder location option in Settings!!! Help me or shoot me!

    I hope Daniel will restore this functionality soon because I can’t use BackWPup at the present time until he does.

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