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  • Since I upgraded to wordpress 3.2 and Backwpup 2.0 it gives me this error when i want to backup:
    Temp dir not writeable

    I tried to fix it with the .backwpuptempfolder but then i got an error with mkdir. This is also possible because i don’t understand how to use this.

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  • I installed it on my second website today for first time and after wp 3.2 and pluging updates and I got same error ” Temp dir not writeable “.

    but I have not this problem on my first website, because pluging was installed before updates, and after updates I didn’t get any error. pluging works in my first website nicely, just it doesn’t delete old backup files.

    Thanks for your efforts, responds and supports.


    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    check the write premissions on temp folder.

    Daniel, I have 3 tmp folders (their names is “tmp”, not “temp”), one in root server (home/xxx/tmp), one in wp-content and one in “upload” folder.

    all of them are 755 permission.

    please tell me what name (tmp or temp) and where it should be.

    PS: please confirm if you received my donate last night.


    Could you please explain how .backwpuptempfolder works, I don´t understand it.

    I have the same problem.

    Is there a particular location where we must create the temp folder? Or a particular name we must give it?

    I created one named zztemp on our server, and put the correct URL for that folder into the “Back up to Folder” section of the job.

    That temp folder definitely IS writeable – I even changed permissions to 777 to see if that would work! But I still get the same ‘temp dir not writeable message’ whether the permissions are set to 755 or 777.

    I’d appreciate help on this one, as it has me stumped!


    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    I look en the env if sehr is set a temp folder. I test is it writable. the last try is the php command sys_get_temp_dir().
    if you please a file named .backwpuptempfolder in the plugins folder, than that will taken.
    in the file the write down the temp path like: /folder/temp/

    if ‘Temp dir not writeable’ the only message or is the one more above ?

    @reza: i don’t have become a donation.

    I now understand .backwpuptempfoler. Use the WHOLE path. So not the first folder you see in ftp, there is possibly alot beneath it, use phpinfo() for that.

    Daniel include that in your faq to use the whole path.

    Now there is a second problem, the backup just doesn’t run, I only see a blank screen. So far backwpup only placed a extra dir and a htaccess file in that dir in the temp folder

    Now got an error which says:

    Warning: file_get_contents(*/tmp/backwpup_8f00b204e9800998/.running) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in */wp-content/plugins/backwpup/backwpup-functions.php on line 666

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