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Template background on new post background?

  • How do i remove the background of my template from the background of my post area? Its very irritating when my template background is the same color as my text.

    Anyone know a fix?

    And is their a way to change the number of spaces a press of the “enter” keys does?

    I liked how when i pressed it, it would skip 1 line and go to the following.

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  • Anyone?

    Comon someone has to know….

    Would love to help, but I’m not sure what you’re asking. The “template” is the backend of your wordpress that is pulling the info and displaying it on your blog. None of that “shows” up directly on the web. Your “post area” is also in the admin area where you type your posts – that colour is also irrelevant to what shows up on the web. If you are talking about the colour that your post text is, when published that can be changed in your css file. But I wouldn’t go around changing things in that file unless you know what you are doing.

    The “skipping one line” is an entirely different question and that is the post editor that is set in the wordpress files themselves.

    Maybe if you aren’t getting the answers you are looking for, you could re-word the question? There are helpful people here. But its hard to help when the question isn’t clear.

    What i am asking is (sorry if my first post was not very readable)

    When i am writing a post for my blog
    The Background of my Blog
    Is The Background of my Writing Post Area

    Is there anyway to make the
    Post Area White

    ~Hope this is Easier

    You admin Write area should already be white with black text unless you have installed an altered admin css?

    I don’t think i have, i just have alot of themes.


    Is a picture.

    (rendered moot by your edit)

    What, sorry?

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