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  • Hi –
    Is there a hack or plugin that will allow a “email this link (page, blog, article, etc) to a friend”? I’ve seen this on some other blogging tools … and it appears to be part of the template, as at the bottom of every article, where you can leave comments, there is also an option to “tell-a-friend”, etc …
    Would love to implement this!

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  • The links provided in the post you gave aren’t working….


    works with wp 2.0.1


    I actually got this from anothe rmessage board just this morning. Tried applying it and isntead of anything happening when I clicked on the link (after it appeared on my blog after a full install) I was simply sent back to the home page, or told “Sorry, no posts match your criteria” or soemthing.

    OK< I finally got it up and running but it’s screwed up the templates on my site when you actually use it.

    Try: and click on the “Email this post” link. The footer moves up, the sidebars move to different positions, etc…

    Note of caution: be very careful with any php-based post forwarders.

    One of mine was hacked and used to send some kind of spam. My host disabled the script and threatened to shut the site down if it happened again.

    I’m not very knowledgeable in these things but I’m guessing one of the big issues would be chmod server permissions–make absolutely sure you have not accidentally let the script be world-writable (which you can easily do if you’re trying to use the theme editor and haven’t set the permissions just so).

    haven’t touched the theme editor — but may have to chmod anyway.

    I had a script hacked as well, joel, a few months back. Someone hijacked my account to send spam and posted movies and such on my web space. I was recovering from hand surgery at the time so it was not like I was ready to jump on the computer and find the problem. It was an email script that I had used for form mail that resulted in teh hack (much like this).

    I’m wondering if I can manipulate the PHP script to use my service provider’s form mail script (which is secure) instead of the plugin’s script.

    I’m almost certain I’ve seen a WP plugin for forward to a friend that uses smtp rather than php to send it. I just can’t remember what it was called now. Of course, that’s not fullproof, but from what I’ve heard, php email scripts are much more vulnerable to abuse.

    I’ve never had nor heard of any problems with the WP database itself being hacked, just the theme and plugin files, so I’m assuming the WP-hacking problems are server-permissions-related. Was that your experience?

    found out what my chief problem was that I was complaining about (with the page not showing up right).

    wp-email.php had a call to <?php get_sidebar(); ?> about the “get footer” call. I just removed it and saved the file and everything now displays as it should. So that’s all figured out.

    All right, now to protect the form! Onward and upward! 🙂

    Figured out why the “sent” template isn’t showing up right — a redunant sidebar request. I woudl assume those who’ve gotten the plug in have figured this out for yourselves.



    Did you end up using this plugin…

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