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    I set up a WordPress blog yesterday and got all my blogger posts over. After things went smoothly to get going, I am not having some trouble with admin and the blog itself. Sometime it will not load (in firefox) and at other times the loads will be very slow. I am also playing around with templates, but now I can’t get the template to change or get to other pages on the admin panel.

    I often get an “invalid response XML” message when I, for example, trying to change the theme.

    Any suggestions on what I could look at?

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  • You said: “Sometime it will not load (in firefox) and at other times the loads will be very slow.”

    Is it possible that the Web server is slow or unreliable? if the appearance of pages is sporadic and sometimes slow, it would indicate that the performance is poor. If there are pages that can *never* be loaded, this indicates a problem with WordPress.

    Which theme/s have you installed? Have you modified the dashboard (admin panel) by any chance? There are themes for the dashboard too and some may be broken or lacking. The ones I have seen cause some issues.

    I am hosting at Yahoo, which I am hoping is reliable. I am using the Ocadia 1.1 theme. What I have done (unless I did something inadvertently) is install WP (which is automated on Yahoo), use the WP blogger import utility to get my blogger posts in, and then make some modifications to the sidebar using the theme editor. This might be a problem, since the theme does not show up the same on firefox and IE, but I can’t get into the editor anymore to delete my mods, nor can I change my theme. The trouble started (or seemed to) when I was reassigning categories to all my blogger posts.

    UPDATE: I was able to change themes, but things are still intermittent, e.g. sometimes I can’t get to my WP control panel

    Access to my WP Dashboard and my blog is still intermittent at best. I am still not sure if this is a WP issue or a Yahoo issue. Since I have not added any data, I have the option of starting from scratch. Maybe I should wait for the 2.0 upgrade and see if I need to do that.

    The only thing I can suggest is that you contact the host (Yahoo) as I can’t believe low speed is attributed to them. Perhaps a sheer amount of blog posts is causing something to slow down considerably.

    As you can, in principle, reach anything you wish *eventually*, that suggests there are no errors. Have you tried from a different location/computer? I suppose this behaviour only applies to the dashboard and not the public side of the blog.

    Some interesting observations

    As far as I can make out the issues are:
    1. The WP management tools are slow (long page load times) from both computers I have tried
    2. Some actions do not go through (they will at other times)
    3. The RSS feed is not working (tried sage, firefox live bookmarks) on my laptop using firefox 1.5. It works just fine on my desktop at home (firefox 1.2). That really worries me.

    As far as volume, my blog does not have that much volume. Yes the dashboard and management tools are the ones having the problems, although if those freeze, I can’t access the blog either. The RSS issue is the other problem

    Re-installed WP. Things are OK at this time. Will go through a systematic upgrade over the next few days

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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