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  • My site has updating issues with Technorati…it never shows up and is never updated on Technorati.

    I’ve tried seemingly everything…read help topics too. I try to do the manuel ping on Technorati…it doesn’t work. Nor does putting the ping url in the ‘update services’ WP options.

    I know this isn’t a hosting issue because I have 2 other sites listed on Technorati that work fine with the services.

    I am frustrated…Please Help!


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  • I also just tried deleting and adding the claim once again…still nothing. I looked for help on the Technorati site as well, I couldn’t find anything there. Still help please.

    As of late, Technorati has been well known for having pinging issues… just do a search here in the forums to read the buzz.

    I have one site that hasn’t been updated in over 200 days or some such. I’ve given up on it, as apparantly, only writing to them to complain will fix it – and that’s not a permanent fix.

    Add an Atom feed to your blog. It will pick that up much better.

    After sending them a complaint email, I started to get pinged in a timely manner. Before that I did not get pinged for like a month. Greasy weel.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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