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  • pieceoplastic


    technorati has introduced a tag system like flickr and it says on the website that this works with wordpress,
    but somehow i dont quite get how.
    has anyone looked into this yet?
    it says here that it will take tag-info from the blog-categories, but which info does it take? the commentary-title? the category discripition? or what?
    will i have to change my category-titles to boring stuff instead of my fantasy-names???

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  • cou


    I’m pretty sure Technorati crawl your RSS feeds, and look for the “category” in there. I say that coz I have no mention of my category on my site, but it’s still set to “cricket.” If you check Technorati for cricket tags you’ll see my blog (Corridor of Uncertainty) at the top.

    Hope this helps

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