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  • I am using the semiologic theme that has the technorati tags inserted automatically when I specify keywords. I am wondering if these tags are necessary for technorati to find my post for certain keywords, or if they will pick up on those keywords anyways, if they are in the post itself.

    For example, if my post is about dog houses, then do I need to add the keyword “dog houses” in the keyword box as well, so that Technorati will pick it up, or will they know it’s about dog houses without me adding that keyphrase. It just looks spammy to have “filed under, x category, y category, z category, w, x, y, z by Username”

    Maybe there is some way to hide these links so they arent as prominent for the visitors? The site Im talking about it at

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  • Having “tags” is not necessary for technorati to pick up your key words, although it wouldn’t hurt.

    Thank you…after doing a search on Technorati, I noticed some posts coming up that don’t have the tags.

    Well, I’m not sure but I took my tags from Technorati and them made catagories. It did something but I’m sure it was the wrong thing. It looks really spammy to me but you click on one and it pulls up a 400… So to top it off, not only does it look like spam but you click one and you get goofy lost to boot:)

    I’ve decided to split categories and tags, using categories to differentiate types of posts, eg professional vs. domestic and use tags for specific topics and references with Ultimate Tag Warrior – – which works really well.
    I suspect the ideal would also involve standardised meta-data fields.

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