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    This past week I’ve been having problems with Technorati tags. Technorati doens’t seem to add my post tags whatever I do. Even when I update them, I can see in my logs that the technoratti bot reads the feeds, but the tags themselves are nowhere to be found.

    Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? If anyone can help, the URL of the blog is And yes, I have upgraded to the latest version.

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    I’m having the exact same problem. I was using feedburner for autodiscovery and had heard that Technorati was having problems with feedburner feeds, but after removing the feedburner feed for autodiscovery — pings to technorati never show up on their site, despite that fact that the page source show correctly tagged technorati tags.

    Can someone at wordpress please look into this. I’m sure were are not the only ones having this problem, I’m having this problem with all three of my wordpress blogs.

    Even manually pinging technorati doesn’t work. All three of my wordpress blogs just don’t show up in technorati.

    Did you look at what kind of feed the Technorati bot reads? I am using not wordpress, but s9y and have similiar problems: When I only offer the RSS 2.0 feed to Technorati (via autodiscovery technoraty finds the feed by itself) I don’t get listed. If I also offer the ATOM 0.3 feed to Technorati via autodiscovery my feed gets listed. However my tags also don’t get listed. At least the content gets indexed though.

    i’m having the same problem. please help.

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