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  • I was looking at the technorati site, and in the “Get Listed” section, they have the following info:

    You can also use Technorati’s XML-RPC interface, which means that you can automate this process by using your weblog software. Enter into your weblog tool’s configuration for Pings and Notifications. Since the exact configuration steps necessary are different depending on the tool you use, you can check the Technorati developer’s wiki or the documentation of your weblog tool for more information.

    The developer’s wiki only mentions b2, not WordPress.
    Does anyone know how to implement this correctly in WP?

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  • I’m thinking that tutorial is pretty much bang on, you just have to modify the appropriate wp files instead of b2 files (the files are almost identical, just the names are changed to be wp-related).
    As an aside to this: Will there be any functionality added in (a la Movable Type) that lets us ping a list of other servers when we update our blog? So that we don’t have to go through and re-create a new ping function for every new site we want to ping?

    Thanks for the info…I was going to modify the filenames, but thought I’d check first in case this functionality had been implemented in some other way…
    Also, I like your idea of a function to ping a list of servers…

    I was thinking of the very same problem.
    I cant seem to find the files to edit and all.
    A modified tutorial for WP and the function to ping a bunch of blogs would be good. Really good.

    Just as an FYI Look at this post:
    Follow all the instructions and replace:
    $client = new xmlrpc_client(“/RPC2”, “”, 80);
    $client = new xmlrpc_client(“/rpc/ping”, “”, 80);
    and replace every occurance of Yahoo with technorati (or something).

    bump 😉
    I added the details to the Technorati Wiki because Technorati is issuing a link to the page in their new signup emails, so I figured I’d try an save others some time. Thanks all for the code!

    You don’t need all that, just ping:
    And you’re good to go for technorati,, etc.

    I’m sorry, I must be missing something….
    How do I set it to ping that url? I’m just not finding a way in the options


    I don’t appear to have that, oddly enough.
    in wp-admin, I have optionhandler.php, options-permalink.php, and options.php

    Anonymous – check under the “Option-Writing” section of the admin options. Simply place the URL for pingomatic in the “Update Services” field. You don’t need any other entry as pingomatic pings ’em all.
    Hope that helps.

    are u even on 1.2?

    that must be my problem – I must have grabbed the wrong package from source forge….
    I’m showing at 1.0.2
    Guess its time to start over ;>

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