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  • This is a very simple hack which displays the immiediate link cosmos of your blog as from Technorati. One might consider this a sort of reciprocal linking where if your blog links to mine, my blog automatically links to yours as well. You can see it at work on my blog and the hack instructions can be downloaded here:
    PS: If you get more than 500 hits a day, you will have to wait for an updated version of this script that manages a cache of the Technorati Link Cosmos answers because Technorati stops this free support after 500 hits a day. I found out the hard way!

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  • Works great! Any progress on a caching version?

    LOL… it will probably be sometime this weekend, maybe next. Keep checking my weblogs tools collection site for updates (or this thread)

    Ooooh dang, only 500 hits a day? So much for that tool then… lol…

    The link cosmos hack is now cache enabled. Please redownload from the same location. The cache reset time is set to 12 hours. (can be changed very easily)

    Is there a way to limit the damage to the page when the cosmos link fails ?
    I’ve just removed the display part of the hack as the fail message made the sidebar very wide indeed.
    I’d like to use it, but some sort of error catcher would be useful .
    (Apologies for being picky 🙂 )

    Technically, the only reason it will fail is when the text cache file is not found or it cannot be written to (in the new version) In all other cases, it is designed to display nothing. What were the errors you saw?
    The new script also give technorati 10 seconds to respond. If that fails (technorati is down often), it just kills cosmos.php and moves on.

    The error was along the lines of ‘failed to open stream’.
    It was working fine last night, and first thing, which was why it struck me as odd, but I’ve just made the xml file to 777, so I’ll see what happens – was probably my fault !

    Thanks !! 🙂

    I’d used the MT version of this before switching to WP and was worried I’d have to go without it. Thank you soooo much for writing this!
    Oh, and thank you also for making it so amazingly simple to install. The MT plugin had been a real nuisance. I had yours edited, uploaded and included in my template in 2 minutes. Sweet!

    Now that thank you’s are going around, thank you Venomous Kate, for being such a COOL blogger!!!

    Me? Cool???
    Now I’ve heard everything. 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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