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  • I’ve seen MT blogs that have incorporated Technorati so that it works just like Trackback – you see a list of the number of related posts in the index window:

    technorati (3)

    and then when you look at the individual archive page you see those posts listed as if they were comments or trackbacks.

    I have not yet found a plugin to do this for WP.

    Since I’ve had to turn trackbacks off because of SPAM, I thought this might be a nice way to do it instead. (I’ve not seen much technorati SPAM.)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There was a Waypath plugin/hack (I forget) for WP that LL wrote which worked in a similar manner.

    I found it had 2 drawbacks which is why I dropped it:
    – it increased SE traffic as the crawlers would see the waypath result as an integral part of my page. As I don’t see why people should waste their time coming to my page for something which I did not write, that was one mark against.
    – the other issue was caching. My page could be very very slow to load (~30secs +) so that was the death knell.

    Not saying that a Technorati plugin would work the same, but these were significant issues for me.

    It has been over a month since I checked back here and I still haven’t found anything to do what I am looking for, namely – use technorati in a manner roughly equivalent to trackbacks, for sites that don’t send out pings.

    I tried this:

    But I couldn’t get it to work. It doesn’t seem particularly well documented, and I kept getting error messages, even though my permissions were all set right.

    I finally go that plugin to work. The problem is that both files cosmos.php and cosmos.xml must be at the root level of your blog directory. In other words – in the wrong place for a WordPress plugin.

    Unfortunately, this plugin turns out not to work the way I wanted it. It only shows you the Technorati cosmos for your BLOG, not for an individual POST!!! I want what I see on many movable type blogs:

    Comments (9) | Trackbacks (3) | Technorati (9)

    In other words – it should show you how many technorati items there are for that particular post, just as it would comments or trackbacks. And it should link you to the technorati page where you can then see that cosmos.

    I should add that the PHP script linked above is very buggy. It works in some places on the page, but not others. It often produces warning and error messages. It also only links to the top level of referring blogs – not the specific posts that are referring to you.

    I found something that looks hopeful. It still needs work (the caching mechanism is not complete), but it does seem to do what I’m looking for:

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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