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  • I am sorry to start this thread coz there are lots of threads already. But I need someone to answer this. There are so many plugins which has got me confused….In some sites under each post there is something-“Technorati Tags-x,y,z,etc etc”

    Which plugin is this ????

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  • Take a look at Ultimate Tag Warrior from – might be one to get started with.

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    All of the Technorati plugins display something like that. Just choose whichever you want, download it, install it, activate it, and have fun. ^_-

    Personally, I prefer “Ultimate Tag Warrior”.

    Have you tried asking the blog owner? Ultimate Tag Warrior seems to be a popular one (I use it myself), but that’s not to say it’s the only option.

    Hmmm…. guys, we HAVE to stop meeting like this….

    I’m pretty sure there are other similar plugins out there – is this the real “best one”?


    Of course it is! (:

    (I..uh..might be biased)

    Taggerati is also very good, and has some unique features depending on the aim of your WordPress site. I use the word site, because WordPress can be used for more than just blogging.

    I’ve installed the Ultimate tag Warrior (there were 3 plugins that appeared – so I activated the lot, was that right?)

    However, it’s now showing “Technorati tags” at the bottom of each post; whether or not I have put any in. I’ve deactivated it for the time being; however, is it possible to set it so that you don’t see the label if there aren’t any tags, but do if there are.

    Hope that makes sense.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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