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  • euromark


    I more and more run into a quite troubling issue here.
    My site is mainly about articles to a PHP Framework. Starting in 2010 the php framework version was 1.3.
    With 2.x now almost all articles from 2010/2011 are outdated for people using the new version.
    I would like to correct those articles without having to overwrite them (and losing the 1.3 info for all those who did not upgrade yet).

    My ideas are:

    • Post a new “corrected” article (will be at the top again)
    • Link the old article (with the note that it is outdated)
    • Deprecate the old article (outdated notification at the top of the old one) and set canonical link to the new one as well as link to this new article.

    This way google will also favor the new one and uses the canonical tag to correct the search results. We will also dont get any DC penalties.
    And for readers both articles are still available.

    Is there any plugin for this so far? Or is it worth creating such a plugin? Maybe I got sth wrong. Thank you!

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