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  • Tevya


    I’m curious if this plugin is still needed? I see the core ticket is marked “fixed”.

    So is it fixed in core? If so, as of what version? I’m afraid I don’t understand the core WP tickets system or some of the trac lingo and such.

    Hi Tevya,

    We’ve taken over the plugin and we’ll publish an updated statement on what now happens with transient housekeeping in a short while.


    Excellent! This is great to hear. So the core fix didn’t really fix the whole problem?

    I hope you’ll update me here when it’s available, so that I can get an email notification.

    It barely scratched the surface. It will only clear down old transients during an upgrade. And only if the database needs updating. And then it doesn’t clear down expired transients but all transients.


    Any progress on the updates here?

    In what respects? The plugin update will be out in due course but isn’t critical.

    As for the statement, that’s here…


    Oh, my misunderstanding. I thought an update was coming right away. Sounds like one isn’t really important at this time. Thanks.

    The plugin has now been updated – what it does hasn’t changed. Although removal of all transients is now performed after a database upgrade within WordPress core I’ve retained this functionality within this plugin for 2 reasons…

    1) Mine will re-optimise the table afterwards
    2) For those who don’t have the latest release

    It doesn’t do any harm for it to be in twice – the 2nd run will simply not achieve anything.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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