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  • dimitry


    Hey guys,
    I decided to start my own technical blog mostly about CSS, XHTML and other important developmental things (mostly for my own education).
    Here’s the progress. I basicly erased (well renamed) the main WP style sheet and started one from scratch, so there are a lot of things still missing and a lot of things that I’ve completely redone.
    I’m currently thinking that Im not even going to start the blog (not time currently and frankly no will), but it’s still a good experience.
    The nav is my main concern right now. I just dont think it fits in well or has good ‘effects’, etc. We’ll see…
    Any comments, suggestions?

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  • davikrug


    It is very sexy. I especially like how you set up the search.



    site looks very impressive…thanks for sharing.



    I really like the layout and css work thus far. Very well done. the only thing that I would suggest (it’s an aesthetic thing for me) is put the valid css,xhtml links inside the main part. It’ll give the whole page a little more flow, and you wont have the ‘interruption’ at the bottom.



    I kinda hate how everything is cluttered on the right. In my opinion there’s too much stuff going on there already. I got rid of the calendar because that was just toooo much. I might even get rid of some stuff (Archives, etc.) and just leave links to them.
    Interruption on the bottom is just a footer like most sites have. I agree its a bit big for a footer but thats allright :/
    Thanks for the suggestion, I might be able to scale it down.
    Thanks for replies!



    The footer is fine. It’s just a footer. Nice design overall. You may have cleaned the clutter you speak of since I think it has room to breathe. Good work.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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