• How can I create a ‘Teaser’ or any kind of extract from a blog which tells the viewer roughly what it’s about?

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  • Use the_excerpt instead of the_content in the index.php of your theme and type your teaser in the “excerpt” option in the post-write screen.

    Thanks. Like this, you mean? http://paulwigmore.co.uk/monday

    Sorry? I meant you have to edit a theme file and use the WP option to add excerpts.

    But I see no ‘Theme File’! Where is that? (I’m WP semi-literate!)

    I’m WP semi-literate!

    You’ll have to get used to a little coding…

    Go to ‘appearance’ and then ‘editor’. In the next screen select the file called ‘index.php’. In the code you will run into the_content (use control+F). Replace it with the_excerpt.
    Make sure to copy the whole file to notepad or so in case something goes wrong, so you can paste the original code back. Alternally, you can of course replace the file using FTP when needed, but this operation is but a small one.

    When you have the_excerpt all posts will show 30 words (I believe) unless you use the “exerpt” foldout menu in the write/edit screen.

    This ‘Appearance’ – where is it? I see nothing on the post editing page./Users/paul/Desktop/Picture 1.png BTW: I should have told you I’m on a Mac OS X 10.5.8.

    Where does ‘Appearance’ appear? I see nothing of it on the Post Edit page.



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    Try looking in the main Admin menu.

    Ah! Thanks. You’ve just uncovered the problem! I’m not the Administrator. That’s why I’m baffled. I’ll talk to him. Thanks again!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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