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    Hi Mark, i just installed a couple of your plugins and prepared myself with a big topic on why the data inserted is not being displayed on the front end. But just before submitting it i found some very helpful answers that i was able to work with. However, i still can’t figure out a couple of things:
    I used the [shortcode] to create the roster page but the player names are not linked to their profile page. I used the following code [mstw-tr-roster team=’2014′ roster_type=’pro’ show_title=0 sort_order=’numeric’]
    any idea why the links don’t show?

    Also, i couldn’t find any shortcoded for the profile page display, where should i look?

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  • Nevermind, i got this one too, just needed to copy the single-player.php file into the theme’s directory!

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Yup, you got it!

    This is one of the most difficult plugins ever to understand. I do not see a definitive place for documentation. Like,
    1.) What is the EXACT shortcode (or set of shortcodes) for the plugins
    2.) Why is the admin left sidebar icon for Team Rosters missing? ((/wp-content/plugins/team-rosters/images/mstw-admin-menu-icon.png))
    3.) Why is there a teams submenu (taxonomy) when there’s also a Teams taxonomy called MSTW Teams? Are the two not meant to work with each other?
    4.) Is there a place that shows examples of how to display a player profile page on the front end? (I assume a page w/ a single shortcode would do the trick?)

    Why can’t the documentation be available when installed?

    (Also, for the original poster, it’d be nice if you explained where you found your answers instead of just mentioning you figured it out. This could help countless others.)


    So to further explain question #1 and #4: [mstw-tr-roster] is the shortcode to be placed on any page or post. At minimum, you should specify a team and maybe the roster-type. (Even before you create the post/page containing the shortcode, you should add a team or so and at least 1 player per team. So for example, I used [mstw-tr-roster team=6u roster-type=baseball-high-school] because I wanted to display the roster of a team I called 6u (well that was the slug, actually) in a certain table format. All of this is explained in the above link.

    Now, any answers to questions #2 and #3?


    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi toneee,
    Thanks for writing. You are absolutely correct, one purpose of the forums is to help other users figure things out. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Now, since this thread has been marked ‘resolved’, that is closed, jumping on it doesn’t really help other users that may have similar issues or questions. If you would be so kind as to post your questions on a new thread with a descriptive title, I’d be happy to address them. I’d rather not on a closed thread for the reasons you have pointed out.

    It would also be helpful if you provided links to pages that are not behaving properly when possible, or screen shots of problems in the case of admin pages.

    Thank you in advance.

    Plugin Author Mark O'Donnell


    Hi radurosca,
    Thank you very much for providing that link. RTFM! 🙂 I appreciate your efforts to sort things out AND to help other users.

    Yea, no problem Mark, i’m subscribed to the topic and since i just installed the plugin for myself i’m still lurking the forums to see if there are still things to get! I love your stuff! 😀

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