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  • Plugin Author James Koster


    You can use the woothemes_our_team_item_template filter to do this.

    The default template looks like this: <div itemscope itemtype="" class="%%CLASS%%">%%AVATAR%% %%TITLE%% <div id="team-member-%%ID%%" class="team-member-text" itemprop="description">%%TEXT%% %%AUTHOR%%</div></div>

    Thanks for the prompt response, James.

    Could you explain in a bit more detail how I can use the filter to create a template?

    Also, I’m using another plugin (Showbiz Pro) to display each team member in a slider. The plugin allows me to create a HTML template for the slider and you can see it up here: under Meet The Team. I’m trying to get the role field to display under the name but the slider template only accepts HTML, is there a shortcode I could use to display the role?


    I still can’t work out how to get the default member profile template, it’ s just showing like this for me

    Thanks for the info jameskoster. Very helpful. I’d suggest adding the info to the readme file.

    Just in case anyone is still unsure, modifying the template can be done by adding something like this to your functions.php:

    add_filter( 'woothemes_our_team_item_template', 'new_team_member_template' );
    function new_team_member_template( $tpl ) {
    	$tpl = '<div itemscope itemtype="" class="%%CLASS%%">%%TITLE%% %%AVATAR%% <div id="team-member-%%ID%%"  class="team-member-text" itemprop="description">%%TEXT%% %%AUTHOR%%</div></div>';
        return $tpl;

    * The above snippet simply moves the title (name/title) above the avatar/featured image.

    Hi. I have added the following to functions.php, and this still does not work. I am trying to remove the Author section under the team member post.

    add_filter( ‘woothemes_our_team_item_template’, ‘new_team_member_template’ );

    function new_team_member_template( $tpl ) {
    $tpl = ‘<div itemscope itemtype=”” class=”%%CLASS%%”>%%AVATAR%% %%TITLE%% <div id=”team-member-%%ID%%” class=”team-member-text” itemprop=”description”>%%TEXT%%</div></div>’;
    return $tpl;

    Any ideas?

    Hey kevinwasie,

    You shouldn’t need to modify the template layout above to achieve your goal. On the “Other Notes” tab here in the repository there is a section that lists all the arguments that can be used with the shortcode or template tag. I believe the one that you’re looking for is:

    'display_author' => true (whether or not to display the author information)

    so change your shortcode to something like:

    [woothemes_our_team limit="10" size="100" display_author="false"]

    I thought that would work also, but it did not. The only thing that appears to do is remove the team members name from the initial team page (/team). It does not effect anything inside the individual “team-member” page (/team-member/kevin).

    Oh I see, you were talking about the individual team member post, not the content that the shortcode/template tag returns; sorry for the confusion. 🙂

    You won’t need to make changes to the shortcode or use the function above. The styles for the inner team pages (i.e. /team-member/kevin) are being controlled by your theme’s single.php file.

    Duplicate the single.php file in your theme and then rename the duplicate to single-team-member.php (team-member being the plugins post type); you should then be able to open that file and remove the portion that would display author content on the individual team member posts.

    Upload the newly created single-team-member.php file to your theme/child theme directory and you should be good to go.

    I’m loving the Team Member template but as many times as I’ve tried my spacing is off and I’m missing some of the grey lines that separate the team members. Here’s a look –>

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