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  • Hi,

    I installed TDO-mini-forms and everything was ok until when i a post is submitted, “TDOMF: SUBMITTED BAD DATA” is displayed.

    Please help.

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  • Hmm. That is very strange. That should only happen if your are not submitting from a form created by TDOMF…

    Or maybe your theme doesn’t have the right hooks…

    Could you try submitting from the “Your Submissions” page? (If your logged in as an admin, it’s under the User menu).

    I am getting the same problem. I can submit when registered but unregistered users cannot.

    Hi JaneLitte, when you say “unregistered users cannot”, do you mean that if you log out and try to submit you get “TDOMF: SUBMITTED BAD DATA”?

    If that’s the case, I suggest when you log out and then reload the page with the form. A new key is generated on each page (re)load and is only valid for one form submit. So if you submit a form logged in, then log out and try to submit from the same form, you’ll end up re-using a key that has already been used and you’ll get “TDOMF: Submitted Bad Data”.

    No, unfortunately, if I log out and reload and try to submit, I get the TDOMF:Submitted Bad Data

    Link here

    That happened to me. Well I don’t actually remember if it was this form or not – but the problem was that I am using an “all in one” theme i.e. it does not call a separate header file. The solution was to add <?php session_start(); ?> to the very top of my page.php template and then it worked fine.

    Yes, joand‘s solution is good, but I’ve added more error messages in v0.9.1 to make it easier to track down the problem. Essentially, you should not be seeing “TDOMF: Submitted Bad Data” alone, there should be other errors displayed and listed in the log.

    JaneLitte, I suggest two things to try. One, disable all your plugins except for TDOMF. Repeat your test. If it continues to fail, then try changing your theme to the default WordPress theme.

    If it’s your theme, then check to see if it uses “get_header” template tag. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to insert session_start at the top of your page.php file as Joand suggested. If it does use get_header, check to make sure nothing else is printed out before get_header. Even a blank line is bad news.

    BTW, is this really on WordPress 2.2.2? I’ve never tested it on 2.2.2, only 2.3.

    Also check out the FAQ which covers these errors.

    thanks Mark for getting back to me on this so quick. here is everything I have done:

  • disabled all other plugins and tested it (no luck).
  • used the default WP theme and it works!
  • for my custom theme my page.php already has <?php get_header(); ?>
  • I added <?php session_start(); ?> to the top of page.php, but I still get the error: TDOMF: Bad data submitted. Please return to the previous page and reload it. Then try submitting your post again.

    Any further assistance will be highly appreciated.

The fact that your default WP them works, points to something being wrong with your theme. What does it say in the log? Is the form on a page? What theme are you using?

How bizarre! Why is my post at the top of the page? (and this one too!)

i have managed to figure it out that the culprit is the header.php file since replacing it with the same file from another theme seems to make it work.

i have tried adding in <?php session_start(); ?> and <?php get_header(); ?> individually as well as both at the same time, with any of those in the header.php file (at the top) the behaviour of the page changes when submitting.

Instead of the error I get a frozen page now.

Here is the code from the header.php:

ok adding <?php get_header(); session_start();?> to the top of page.php and also adding <?php session_start(); ?> to the top of header.php made it work for me!

Awsome work Mark, by contributing this amazing plugin to the community!

Brilliant! I’m glad it works for you now kubuntuguide!

I am getting the “TDOMF: SUBMITTED BAD DATA” .

my log says:
[][08-02-08(16:41:14)] Form submitted with bad key (session = , post = cb35933) from !
[][08-02-08(16:41:19)] Placing key a49e9ff in $_SESSION:
array (
‘tdomf_key’ => ‘a49e9ff’,

I did what it says in the post.

“<?php get_header(); session_start();?> to the top of page.php and also adding <?php session_start(); ?> to the top of header.php”

But I still got the resulting log error.

Any ideas? I need “name” “validating email” and comments.

What version are you using of tdo-mini-forms? The last few releases do not require you to modify your theme. It should simply work.

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