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  1. ClickyB
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Havinga real problem with user access which only manifested itself recently (I have been using successfully for 18 months); I can't be certain when it first occurred (as admin I don't see it)!

    On the "Form 1 Options" Page under "Who can access the form?" I cannot enable the "Author of post (registered users only)" field.
    Under "Roles" I have all boxes ticked but - unless I enable The "Unregistered Users (i.e. everyone)" field, Contributors are unable to access the form (Message reads "You don't have permission to access this form")!

    I don't want to enable "Unregistered Users (i.e. everyone)" (for obvious reasons)...
    Do you have any idea why I can't enable the "Author of post (registered users only)" field?

  2. the_dead_one
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Of course you can't enable "Author of post (registered users only)" because I haven't enabled it yet. I must have merged it across from my editing work - but it doesn't do anything. That checkbox is only for editing forms (which is not supported yet) - the idea being to allow Authors of posts edit their own posts. For new posts, you don't yet have an author! :)

    As for Contributors not being able to access the form even though you have all the Roles enabled, is very strange. What are you're other configurations for access?

  3. ClickyB
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi TDO,

    As a temporary workaround I currently I have it set to allow "Unregistered Users (i.e. everyone)" but that's (obviously) not preferable long term...

    How I had it set was to allow "Users with rights to publish posts".
    Then I had all 5 boxes checked.... ie:
    Subscriber (newly registered users)
    Editor (can publish posts)
    Author (can publish posts)
    Administrator (can publish posts)

    But - the problem was that Subscribers & Contributors were seeing a message saying: "You don't have access rights to this form"!
    The strangest thing of all was that the first member to encounter the problem was a "contributor" with the highest TDO post-count!

    Stranger still is that - since I changed settings to allow "Unregistered Users (i.e. everyone)", he made another post... But when I check the "Manage" link he isn't listed under "Last 15 Submitters"... In fact - the last 2 users to use the form haven't been included in the "Manage" list!

    Sorry to hear you were unwell btw... Hope you're over it now.


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