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    Hello all, I hope that somebody (thedeadone perhaps) can help me…

    I am using TDO Mini Forms to allow users to submit information (create a post) on their own. I need to be able to track the type of post it is though. I have a dropdown box on the form that feeds into the post. What I was wondering though was if I could take the information from that dropdown box and plop it into a database table. So, for instance, after a form gets submitted to the database and becomes a post, can I grab that post’s ID, and use the value from the dropdown box from the form, which fed into that post, to create a new entry in another table (of my own) in the database?

    I hope that makes sense! I look forward to hearing from somebody soon!

    Thank you.

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  • Sorry, the site I’m working on is

    use custom fields for this.

    Excellent! Thank you very much Ivovic! I didn’t realize that the custom fields in tdomf were adding the meta information to the postdata field! This means I can query the postdata table, pull back the value I’m looking for, and get the associated post!

    WordPress is Brilliant!

    Thanks for taking 10 seconds to make the most simple response that helped me to see what I needed to find! It’s very appreciated…

    And props to thedeadone for a total kick@ss plugin…

    Based on your opening post I was sure that all you needed was a hint.

    I’m glad it’s working out for you. I’m using the plugin myself on a new project and I find it quite valuable. I’m not fond of the way it makes forms via widget-style drag and drop, but thankfully it doesn’t really require that you use it’s own forms, so I’m extremely happy.

    Another thumbs up for TDO 🙂

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