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  • I need the support too…

    Check this plugin, which gives you the ability to add custom post types as well as custom metaboxes and fields.


    I have no problem creating custom post types or custom metaboxes. I have already made them.

    What I asked is that if TDO Mini Forms any plan to support Custom post types and taxonomies. What I need to do is that people can create certain custom post types from the front-end, and enable them to categorize them under certain taxonomy.

    Lookng for the same thing!

    Not sure how usable this is at it seems to have been coded a while back.

    How to use custom taxonomies in TDO Mini Forms:

    I saw that too. But it has two disadvantages:
    a. It still does not support Custom Post Types;
    b. By switching to that you don’t get the updated versions of TDO mini forms.

    I’d be happy to know also if TDO MiniForms is going to support Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies.


    Similar support was requested on the official TDO Mini Forms forum here. As far as I know the author of the plugin has not addressed this issue. I attempted to modify and recode the plugin for custom post types, but its actually very complicated and a large portion of the code needs to be rewritten from scratch to support custom post types. Not an adventure I want to embark on my own.

    Pretty much the WordPress community needs a different plugin or more frequent support for this. Considering the high demand for custom post type non-logged in user submissions. Would be nice if WordPress built an API for fields that could accept submissions for post types. But right now, thats probably not at the top of their agenda.

    After doing some research it looks like Gravity Forms is adding support for custom taxonomies and custom post types. You can even do it now with a simple hook statement. Looks like I’m forking out some money for a copy (paid plugin).

    @ashblue as you said, Gravity forms is a paid plugin, and I hope that there will be a free solution, whether it will be TDO plugin support or something else.

    Meanwhile I found this post that should give some solution for the issue. I haven’t checked it yet by myself and need to carefully see if it’s really handles all security issues that might arouse from front end submitting.

    Took a look at it and you have a great find. My big concern as you mentioned is security. It looks like it has the same issue as TDO Mini Forms, mainly being that people can inject PHP shells by feeding false document types. Although I could be wrong, still you can never be too safe.

    Does Gravity forms support other languages and other scripts (such as Arabic)?

    Not too sure (I speak web languages and English only), they respond to all emails in about 24hrs though if you email them.

    They did. They claim that it works with other languages.

    Well, it depends on the needs, since Gravity Forms might be a lot more than needed, and keeping tiny small code for only what is needed is always my preferred choice.

    You can easily avoid SQL injections using addslashes() and mysql_real_escape_string() functions when assigning the user’s $_POST data to variables.

    If you use a file upload field, you may perform check for the file type on the server before using it.

    Using such a form you may control and support everything you need for our specific needs.

    The basis in that post is good, it needed to be handled a bit. I think it’s better than a using plugin that does a lot more code than that and adds a lot of code to your site, and also costs money. Isn’t it?

    Yes. But writing it needs money as well since I am not a coder.
    But I am ready to pay for it. I just need to find the person who can do it.

    Well a lot of this discussion boils down to how much time you have. At my company we usually don’t have too much time to custom code products so we use plugins when possible. For us Gravity Forms is better due to constant updates and continued support they provide. If you have the time to custom code the form for yourself though, go for it. My only worry about a do it yourself solution is security and missing something (hackers are frigging brilliant and find the oddest of holes). Especially since these forms are getting plugged right into your database. I know my PHP security quite well, but still it scares me. Rather rely on Gravity Forms to keep things secure.

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