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    I am trying to get my TDO Form to work where users can submit their posts. I know this can be done and I have most of this put together. I wanted to do what WPVotes does.

    Before I go on… I am using the /%postname%/ permalinks. I also am not using the AJAX side, though I can always switch to that to at a click if recommended.

    Form Widgets I placed were the content, category (dropdown select), and also a extra field for URL (not the link to the post – permalink, which when I read would change the post URL to the one submitted.)

    So, when I do it this way, I only get the Post Title (for the article name) and a link to the post which only has the author (me, because I am testing it) and the content text.

    However, I want to put the URL to the article (be able to call it to the page) as a separate entity. I tried putting a few php includes

    I want both links to be available. One where it could be “Read More” to go to the submission post”. And within the submission is listed the link. (As said, this link is not within the content.)

    Perhaps I have been looking at it all wrong and it is staring me in the face. However, I have been working on other projects and thought this might be a nice breather to try. I was wrong or my blondishness kicked in with getting tired.

    BTW, if you solve this, I will share the site (give you a big mention in the site credits) and cut in half any advertising in the future. I offered this same to another place and it would only be fair as I really would like to get this project going.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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