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  • Tony,
    I’ve been trying to implement your archive style onto my site. Thank you for making the PHP available!
    Now, I have no clue what to do with the PHP. Do I put it into my-hacks.php and then build an archive page that calls that function? This is where I’m way over my head.
    Thanks for your help.
    EDIT #1
    Well, once I edited the my-archives.php file to load the correct file at the beginning (which was the wp-blog-header.php file) I got the first part of the page working. Then, I got a parse error on line 145. I checked the code, which had start_b2 in the line, and I guessed and simply changed it to start_wp instead. Now it looks like the page is working just fine, but it needs styling.
    Is there a simpler way to implement this?

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  • Craig,
    I created a separate archives page, and put all of the code (which is from…I think I originally found the link on codergirl’s site) in between the content div. The only real change I made was to style the dropdowns differently…Keep in mind, this is running on a .72 site (, so some tweaking may be necessary. I’m using 2 of the functions on my 1.1 site (, but it’s incorporated into my index.php file.
    Hope that helps,

    Thank you for the help and the coding! Can’t Boil Water is a great site.
    You aren’t butting in…thanks for providing another option to the community.

    Yeah, what Craig said 😉
    When I finally get around to upgrading the site to 1+, I’ll be checking out your rewritten archives with sortable categories…

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