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  • Hello wordpress expert,

    I use taxonomy to classify text articles thematically.

    I’ll bring an example: there is an article “How to bake bread in an electric furnace.” This article is thematically related to both the subject of “baking” but also “electric oven”. If I assign the article to both taxonomy topics(“baking”, “electric oven”), then this article will appear under both topics as a “related post”.
    But I have also a second article, “How do I use an electric oven to bake something.” This article belongs only to the topic “electric oven” and will also appear under “electric oven” as the first article.

    And now comes the issue: how I can show the second article “How do I use an electric oven to bake something” before the first article for topic “electric oven”. I mean this second article has much more in common with the topic “electric oven” as the first article. Therefore, he must also come first, and the other item as second one

    I was thinking of something like “weight” of the taxonomy assignment. FOR EXAMPLE you could say that Article 1 describes only to 15% of topic “electr. oven”. But the second article deals with the subject “electr. oven” to 80%. You can then manipulate the display order of articles using weights. But how do you do that in WordPress? One idea is to offer dynamically a weight field for each taxonomy terms? Or maybe someone has other ideas?

    Best regards,

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