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    I need to change this template too, to fit my theme. When i copy this file and paste it inside my theme folder seems as plugin is aware of this, but theme/plugin is switching to archive.php template.

    is it possible to override this taxonomy-staffer-department.php file ?

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  • Problem is that taxonomy-staffer-department.php doesnt give me right sidebar, content area (sheet) is not styled att all as my theme, et…

    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    You can follow this example to use a custom template:

    A Sample Custom Archive Template for Staffer

    Yes, you can override the taxonomy-staffer-department template as well.

    As far as styling goes, if you’re having problems, you’ll want to set custom content wrappers to match your theme in the settings panel.

    You can also use the new shortcode feature if you’d prefer that route.

    Thank you. I will try this and report back.

    How to use shortcodes for dynamic named categories (departments) ? Two different worlds.

    I use sidebar select dropdown for Staffer taxonomies. Working very well, no 404 errors, but dont know any easy way to connect departments archive with shortcodes and pages with shortcodes inside.

    Plugin Author Edward R. Jenkins


    Check out the example in the plugin FAQ. If using the shortcode, you’ll need to manually call each department name, i.e.:



    Sorry for late reply. Did not tested it, went at whole with Pods and made Team post type.
    Much better invested time for the future. Your plugin is one of the best around. Tested all possible for Teams/Staff and they cannot match Pods.

    It is allways some details missing and cannot be done without touching plugin core. But this is normal, you cannot code to satisfy all people and all situations.

    To be very honest, most problem with custom plugins like this is templating. It is as hard as templating in Pods, even much harder. So then why not learn Pods and use it.

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