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  • Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    If you’re expecting the data to show up as post meta, you’re going to be using the wrong field type for that. The taxonomy_* field types are meant to be used as replacements for the default taxonomy-based metaboxes, and set term data for the post. They don’t save as custom fields. You’ll need to utilize standard ‘select’ fields and populate with term data for a custom field based version.

    If you need, I can hunt down some links to some resources for setting up the latter.

    Hi Michael, my intention is save term id for custom wp_query, something like:

    function custom_home_loop($category) {
            $args = array(
                'post_type' => 'post',
                'posts_per_page' => '5',
                'order' => 'DESC',
                'orderby' => 'date',
                'meta_query' => array(array('key' => '_thumbnail_id')),
                'category_name' => $category,
    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith


    From the looks of that snippet of code, you’d be needing the term slug, more than ID, assuming you’re referring to $category being passed in and used. How you were hoping/planning to grab the $category variable value will dictate what type of field is needed. For example, vs

    Hi Michael, solved:

    function select_category_id() {
        $cats = get_categories('category');
        $cat_list = array('');
        foreach ($cats as $cat) {
            $cat_list[$cat->term_id] = $cat->name;
        return $cat_list;
                'name' => __('Select Category', 'omni'),
                'id' => '_category_home',
                'show_option_none' => true,
                'type' => 'select',
                'options' => select_category_id()


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    Plugin Author Michael Beckwith



    The only thing I’d change is the following:

    'options' => 'select_category_id'

    If I recall correctly, this will prevent the function from executing all the time, and instead make it run only when needed. Passing in the function name treats it as a callback that CMB2 then calls itself when ready. Leaving it as select_category_id() calls the function every time the file is loaded. Some performance gain available.

    Justin could explain it better than me, I wager, but we’re in a good position as a whole here.

    Correct! Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Justin Sternberg


    Yep, but use the ‘options_cb’ parameter. Using a callback for the ‘options’parameter is (unofficially) deprecated. But as Michael said this will optimize so that the query is only run at the last minute before the field is displayed.

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