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  • I have a website set up with the permalink structure set up with /blog/%postname%/

    I have created a custom post type called ‘portfolio’ and the permalinks work correctly until I start using a custom taxonomy I have created called ‘clients’. The permalink it creates for my custom taxonomy is /blog/clients/client-name/.

    Can anyone help me solve this issue. Ideally the permalink for my custom taxonomy should be /portfolio/clients/client-name/

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  • Set the taxonomy argument with_front to false. If this argument is true (by default), then WP will use the prefix set in your permalinks. Set it to false to get /clients/client-name. Use a combination of the args to achieve /portfolio/clients/client-name


    Also, be sure to visit your permalinks settings to flush the rewrite rules.

    Not sure if I completely understand what you mean by:

    Use a combination of the args to achieve /portfolio/clients/client-name

    What args should I use to achieve this?

    Also, when clicking on the client name, I want it to go to it’s own templated archive page. At the minute it uses the default blog archive page. Any ideas on how to make it use it’s own?

    I worked out that having a page called taxonomy-{taxonomy name}.php in your theme folder works for that.

    Actually, looking at it now, I ideally don’t want it to say clients in the URL at all. Just ‘portfolio/client-name’. But changing the slug to portfolio gives me a 404 error 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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