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Taxonomy hierarchy goes haywire in 3.6

  • Had to revert to 3.5.2 – Root structure for taxonomy hierarchy shows parents and children (no clear reason why).
    Appreciate this plugin hasn’t been updated for some time, but worth noting for anyone else looking to upgrade to WordPress 3.6


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  • Hi

    Took a bit of hunting but the solution was annoyingly simple.


    pages-children.php line 383:

    if ($this->terms_args_cnt > 2)

    is changed to

    if ($this->terms_args_cnt > 3)


    I also added a reset to the $qs string on line 75 within the filter_admin_menu() function as I noticed the querystrings in that loop were getting incorrectly concatenated (but the error was cancelling itself out luckily)

    Both these tweaks are untested in the wild – so do a bit of testing before using it on anything important.

    I emailed the author with these details as I am hoping he roles it out and keeps this great plugin alive.

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