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  • I’m looking for a way to organize my links into parent-child categories. For example, below would be a tree of link categories:

    ——USA Today
    ——New Mexico Today
    ——Santa Fe Post

    Eventually, I’ll want to display a link tree like the one above on a page. Each “branch” will display external links from its respective category. Is there any way to get WP to work that way?

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  • Use wp_list_categories() with 'taxonomy' => 'link_category'.

    Thanks for responding!

    Just to be clear, I’m wanting to organize link categories, not post categories (I’ve often seen wp_list_bookmarks() recommended instead, but that still doesn’t seem to offer the result I’m looking for).

    I went ahead & tried using the wp_list_categories() template tag anyway, just to see if it’d work. Unfortunately, even after making the changes on my page template & uploading the file onto the server, my page behaved as though nothing had been changed.

    I’m aware that you want the link categories. wp_list_categories() is default for category taxonomy but can be use for other taxonomies. wp_list_bookmarks() is used to list the links, not the categories.

    Are you passing the parameters correctly? I’ve tried it just to make sure and it works for me.

    Hmm… let me tinker with this some more, then!

    Though, I’m curious about how this would work. While navigating the Admin Panel in WP 3.01, I can see under “Link Categories” that I can create as many link categories as I need. But there doesn’t appear to be an obvious way to assign where in the hierarchy each link category should go.

    How would one go about assigning link categories to their intended locations on the tree?

    I guess you’ll have to modify the Link Categories panel (/wp-admin/edit-link-categories.php) similar to post categories (/wp-admin/edit-tags.php).

    Maybe a plugin exist that does this?

    I think you’re probably right about the need to hack the admin panel page, but I admit, that looks a little more intimidating. Not sure if simply copying/pasting the right syntax won’t mess with the database in unexpected/damaging ways.

    Yeah, I’ve been looking for a plugin, but I’m surprised nothing has turned up after a day’s worth of searching. I just searched again, and found this:

    Last updated in Feb 2010. A the time of this posting (for the benefit of future researchers), this seems fairly recent, so I’ll give that a shot. It may even have a built-in mechanism to do what I’ve been originally trying to accomplish. We’ll see. Thanks for your guidance on this!

    UPDATE: Scratch that. Two users report this plugin is presently not compatible with WP 3.01 (most recent version). Back to square one.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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