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  • I’ve read the codex documentation on taxonomy, yet I can’t manage to deploy wordpress with multiple categories.

    For instance, and to continue with the main concept of the whole taxonomy concept, let’s say your average dog has the following taxonomy (Wikipedia):

    Domain: Eukaryota
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Canidae

    Needless to say, not every Eukaryota is a canidae and you don’t certainly have to be a mammal in order to be a carnivore.

    How can you deploy a dependent/independent taxonomy?

    – For instance, if you enter a new species into this taxonomy, you should select a Kingdom first. But of course, a species can’t just simply belong to a kingdom. Further specifications should be required until the tree reaches its end (in the above exameple: ‘Family’).

    – Term dependency (on other vocabularies). Once you select ‘Kingdom: Animalia’, you shouldn’t be able to select any class, order, or family belonging to ‘Kingdom: Plantae’.

    Another good example could be this ‘weather taxonomy’:
    Cloudy: yes/no
    Raining: yes/no
    If you select ‘cloudy: no’ the automatic value for raining should be ‘no’. However, with cloudy set to ‘yes’, the raining choice opens.


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  • Anyone? I’m also interested in creating an independent classification system aparte from the default Category and Tag systems.

    I think this is a good idea for a plugin. Too bad I can’t programme though… :S

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