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  • Hi All

    I wonder if someone can advise please? I’m a relatively experienced WordPress user / database developer / website builder but this question has me foxed.

    I have a client who wants to offer users the chance to be shown content based on criteria they choose. So for instance, let’s say it was a site about travel ideas. The user might choose various things e.g. “hot weather”, “art galleries”, “beautiful scenery”, “will accept US dollar”, “English speaking”, from a number of dropdowns, or by some other means, and then content is returned that satisfies all those criteria.

    A further twist is that the choices might be weighted e.g. “hot weather” might be regarded as “very important” while “English speaking” might be classed as “preferred but not essential”. Or perhaps the choices could be ranked in order of importance.

    Obviously some sort of CMS with a form to allow users to make choices is required, but I can’t find exactly what I need. I can’t even settle on the sort of words I should be searching on, hence the title of this post!

    Does WordPress have a plugin that might help? Or (no disrespect to WP), is there a CMS out there that is geared to this sort of content filtering?

    Any thoughts or advice would be most gratefully received.


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